The Coalition Government today announced plans to honour the life of former Prime Minister Gough Whitlam with a range of educational policies.
Education Minister, Christopher Pyne went on to say that there were obvious parallels between Gough Whitlam’s and his own Government’s vision for education in Australia:
Gough made university education free for all. And, fittingly, we’re now making university education a free-for-all. Gough valued education. And so do we. At around $35,000 a year, in fact

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Instead of mourning his loss, Gough would have wanted us to do very thing that what the labour movement does at it’s best; Maintain The Rage.

Don’t let this pathetic Coalition government sit there pretending to admire his achievements and honour his memory, when they’re systematically ripping apart the foundations that he and his government laid for this country. This should, and must be the generation that builds upon his legacy.

It’s time we realised the potential that he showed this nation. It’s time to progress. It’s time for an even more just, compassionate and equal Australia.

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Gough Whitlam was one of few Australian politicians to ever live up to this idea of a ‘fair go’ for all. His legacy will live forever as he truly changed this country for the better. He acted in the pursuit of equal opportunity. It’s a shame that in 2014 these ideals have been abandoned in Australia, replaced by pure idealistic nastiness that’s based on tearing down the notion of equality and the desire to maintain an unfair class structure.


Today Australia lost one of our greatest Prime Ministers. Gough Whitlam was a champion of all people. The first world leader to appoint a minister for women, he encouraged youth to get involved in politics and lowered the voting age to 18. He did so much for our nation and changed the lives of all Australians for the better.  He did more in three years then many leaders achieve in multiple terms. Today, along with thousands of other Australians I lost a hero. 

Thank you Mr Whitlam. For Medicare, for land rights, the racial discrimination act, for a generation of free education, the end of the death penalty and conscription, for legal aid, family court, for everything you did for our nation. Rest in peace.

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